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Monday, December 31, 2007

Soviet Skin Care?

Something funny in the Daily Mail this morning, a short article about a stem-cell based skin care regime developed from something invented by Soviet scientists before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Here's an excerpt.

A secret formula created in a Soviet laboratory is behind one of two new "miracle" anti-ageing creams.

Both of the products claim to kick-start dormant stem cells into rejuvenating the skin.

One of the creams, Amatokin, is being made by U.S. firm Voss.

But it is thought to have been discovered by Russian scientists researching the treatment of burns, in laboratories protected by armed guards.

Sold by Harvey Nichols, it claims to "dramatically reduce the appearance of both deep and superficial wrinkles".

Voss researcher Dr Richard Wells said: "Rather than going under the knife, you may be able to look 20 years younger by applying a 'stem cell' face cream, thus replacing a time-ravaged complexion with your own new, wrinkle-free skin."

Such rejuvenation does not come cheap, however - a small pot costs £135 .

£135 pounds for a small jar of skin cream is outrageous, although certainly much less than a few courses of Botox, to say nothing of the pain and inconvenience of taking a needle in the forehead.

I suppose if I had enough cash, I'd give it a try.


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